April 2010

2 Weeks to the Waterloo Half-Marathon!

I will be running the Waterloo Half-Marathon on Sunday April 25th, 2010.

I'm starting to get very excited & nervous about the run. During my training my knees have been bothering me near the end of my runs. I've also experienced a little pain in my lower back. Nothing too bad, I think I just need to stretch that part more. Other then that my training runs have been great & I've been really lucky this passed winter as there hasn't been a lot of snow.

1 Week to the Waterloo Half-Marathon

Wow, time has gone by fast. There is now only 7 days until I run the Waterloo half-marathon.

I drove up to Waterloo this afternoon so I could drive the course to familiarize myself with it. Holy crap there are a lot of hills. Like a lot, a lot. There were maybe 2 steep hills, but they didn't seem long. But many of the other hills were long but less steep.

Waterloo Half-Marathon

I ran the Waterloo half-marathon this morning. Very happy with my time. 2 hours, 6 minutes & 37 seconds (unofficial).

Runkeeper results:

Didn't sleep much last night. Went to bed around 10pm but didn't fall asleep until after after 1am. Woke up again around 4:30am & then fell asleep & then woke up again around 6am. Didn't feel too bad though.

Waterloo Half-Marathon results

Here are the results for the Waterloo Half-Marathon for 2010.

Out of 365 I was 202nd place. Out of 55 women from the age of 30-39 I came in 28th place. And for all women I was 74 out of 201.


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