September 2008

A sad day

Today (September 1st, 2008) is the last day for Star Trek: The Experience. I was lucky to go a few weeks ago. I quite enjoyed it and it is too bad that Cedar Fair Entertainment and the Hilton couldn't reach an agreement.

Star Trek: The Experience closing down


I've taken the last few weeks off from exercising. I've definitely been feeling it too. My legs are lot more kicky at night, frequent headaches and general feeling of lethargy.

So I'm starting a new exercise plan this week. Getting back to the Y and having to start the running program over again.

I'll be doing a 2 day split (Push/Pull).

Is Oprah Biased?

Oprah Winfrey had Barack Obama on her show in January 2005 and October 2006. She has officially endorsed Obama for the 2008 Election. She hasn't had any other candidate on her show this year and hasn't had Obama on since he officially was running to become president. So why the hell should have have Palin on BEFORE the election in November?
In my opinion, she shouldn't. She must wait until after the election. So get over it Republicans.

ABC News: Is Oprah Biased?

Election - October 14th, 2008

Harper has called for an election on October 14th (Lourdes' birthday).

Election called for Oct. 14

I still don't know who I am going to vote for yet. Have to find out about the candidates in this riding. I know for sure I am NOT voting Conservative.

Politics, Eh! - Episode 1

Announcing a new podcast from motionblur studios.

“Politics, Eh!” is a new podcast that takes a look at the Canadian political scene from the perspective of two average Canadians. The first episode features:

* an introduction to the podcast
* profiles of each federal party leader
* the issue of the Green Party leader Elizabeth May being allowed into the upcoming televised leader’s debates
* the timing of the election call
* our this day in history segment

Politics, Eh! - Episode 2

Politics, Eh! Episode 2 - When Puffins Attack! We discuss the following subjects: * CNN mentions the Canadian election and loopholes * More discussion about the timing of the election * Elizabeth May not asked to be in the television debates * Stephane Dion visits the dentist * Attack of the killer puffins! * Harper is a fruit? * Toronto mayor David Miller will not be endorsing a candidate * FakeSteveHarper on Twitter * This Day in History * A “fun” fact

Politics, Eh! - Episode 003 - Twittermania

“Politics, Eh!” is a podcast that takes a look at the Canadian political scene from the perspective of two Canadians. On this episode of “Politics, Eh!”, we discuss:

Sandra Bernard on Sarah Plain

There is a clip of Sandra Bernhard talking about Sarah Palin. Google Video - Sandra Bernard in Without You I'm Nothing

Politics, Eh! - Episode 6 - Cold Cut Comments

“Politics, Eh!” is a podcast that takes a look at the Canadian political scene from the perspective of two Canadians. To listen to Politics, Eh!, you can subscribe in iTunes or download it directly.

Letterman chides McCain for suspending his campaign

The late-night comedian was none too pleased that McCain decided to bail on an appearance on the “Late Show” tonight so he could rush back to Washington to deal with the economic crisis –- particularly since he stopped and gave an interview to CBS News anchor Katie Couric along the way.

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