November 2007

24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot

Since Fox will not be airing a new season of "24" due to the writers' strike, they plan to air this version, originally filmed in 1994.

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TUEAM - November Events

I have posted some photos on flickr. They are photos from 2 of the events that TUEAM has put on this month.

Toronto Island - November 3rd, 2007

Rochester Subway - November 10th, 2007

[PIC] Awesome Satellite View of Current Sunlight

Satellite picture showing current sunlight on earth, amazing picture.

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Cats do talk!

Here is the clip of two cats talking. It's been circulating around quite a lot the last few days. Can't help but put it up on my blog cause it's just so gosh darn cute!

More Ford Focus Fire Burning

For anyone who has Facebook, here is another video of my burning car.

Facebook - Burning Car Festival

The top 10 IT disasters of all time... The WWIII one is damn scary.

From faulty satellites nearly causing World War III to the Millennium Bug, poorly executed IT has had a lot to answer for over the years.

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Awesome Beat Box Joseph at 'Nouvelle star' - Full Version

Joseph a young french is beatboxing in "Nouvelle Star" (French Idol)
Sounds : Michael Jackson, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dog, Diana Ross, Yoshimoto,Rahzel, Jay-Z

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