September 2007

John Tory to allow Creationism in schools

"Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory says there is no reason creationism couldn't be taught alongside evolution and "other theories'' if private religious schools are brought into Ontario's public school boards."

Madness I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creationism can be taught with evolution: Tory

Bill Maher Rips iPhone Fanboys a New One

Leave it to Bill Maher to bring us down to earth about the frickin' iPhone. Thanks, Bill. We needed that. Well, at least the "nerd tax" was reduced by $100.

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Wife Of Victim From Michael Moore's Sicko Responds To Stossel Hit Piece

Julie Pierce, whose husband was sentenced to death by their insurance company and featured in Michael Moore’s documentary, Sicko, decided she had to respond to Stossel. John Stossel is a class A jerk.

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The Atheist Delusion


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It's been 25 years!!!

Madonna has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. W00t!!!! - Madonna nominated for Rock Hall of Fame

Reuters - Madonna nominated for Rock Hall of Fame

Madonna Rules!!!!!!!!!!! And she is going to get in on her first nomination. She better...

David Letterman destroys Paris Hilton

Watch as David Letterman tears Paris apart. Squirm, bitch!

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