June 2007

TV over Internet is already here and its free - watch it now

This site has over 320 TV channels you can watch for free in your browser. You can watch sports, movies, news, comedy, business, cartoons, adult TV and more. Most popular channels are ESPN, E-Music, ABC News, BBC, FOX, Bloomberg, Galaxy Cartoons, Comedy TV, PETN Music and of course adult channels. Site has recently been upgraded.

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Ride for Heart

I did at least 25 km for the Ride for Heart today. Chris, Lori and I turned around at Don Mills Road North which was slightly farther then the 25 km turn around (half way point) at Bayview Rd.
Plus Kerry, Chris and I went from Kerry and Sarah's place down to the Princess Gate which was a good 3 km and then back up (a longer way to stop for food) so all in all, we probably did close to 40 km today.
I'm bushed!

News Articles:
TheStar.com - Riders raise $2.7 million

MacKay is a liar!

Ok, so a few weeks ago MacKay said that the Conservative party wouldn't throw out people who vote their conscience. But MP Bill Casey voted against the budget and now has been kicked out of caucus. WTF??? I guess we should have known he was lying. Didn't this guy say he wasn't going to combine the Progressive Conservatives with the Reformers?

Coffee affects women differently

I need my coffee!!!!!!

I'm trying to slowly cut out coffee, but it's going to take me a while. Also trying to cut out the cream and sugar.

Started drinking coffee as a large double double. I then went to large 2 creams and 1 sugar and more recently large 1 cream and 1 sugar (which I later found out is a regular).

I am now lowering my actual intake of the coffee itself and I drink a medium 1 cream daily. I'm getting used to it, but I miss the sweetness of the sugar.

NHL in Southern Ontario - 2 views

Interesting to see the different points of view on Balsillie buying the Nashville Predators and the move he recently made this week in selling tickets for the Hamilton Predators before he has even officially bought the Nashville Predators.



Kitten found tied to railroad track

SAN ANTONIO, June 16 (UPI) -- Two security guards in Texas rescued a flea-bitten kitten from an unpleasant death on the railroad tracks at the hands of a young couple. I hate humans!!!!!!!

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