May 2007

Ask TreeHugger: Is Mercury from a Broken CFL Dangerous?

Helen Suh MacIntosh, professor in environmental health at Harvard University, explains the low level of mercury exposure from a broken compact fluorescent light bulb, and how to clean it up. "Although mercury is a toxic pollutant, mercury exposures from broken CFLs are not likely to harm you and your family." (Unlike Steven Milloy.)

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MySpace: No Gays for a Day

MySpace has no love for man love. Users can no longer set their sexual orientation to “gay” on the site, leading to an outcry from some members of the gay community

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Conan Visits Intel

Conan O'Brien visits (raids) the Intel headquarters in Santa Clara.

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A mathematical problem that just doesn't add up

Most of us share it and it seems a safe enough assumption: mathematical skills and performance develop and advance as students progress through their elementary school years. However, a new study by University of Notre Dame psychologist Nicole M. McNeil suggests that for at least one type of math problem, 7-year-old students are outperforming 9-yea

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Canadian Animals Save Lives!

Most heroes humbly accept thanks, and those honoured Monday were no different except for a few wagging tails and one "meow.''... - Family pets get honoured for savings lives

Pictures of the BBQ

Chris and I had a BBQ this past weekend. Here are some of the pics: Flickr - ulove2explore

School District Fires Network Manager For Recommending Linux

The technology audit and firing come as the district attempts to transition many of its computers from the Windows ME operating system to a Linux operating system.

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Madonna's New Single - Hey You!

Madonna has a new single for the Live Earth concert later this summer titled Hey You. - Madonna releases a new song for charity - Press Release - Retrieve the song here.

15 Useless or Even Dangerous Eyesight Myths

It’s important to separate fact from fiction, especially when the topic is eyesight.

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