September 2006

Goodbye Gollum

The Lord of the Rings musical bids a farewell this weekend in Toronto. It's too bad that it didn't do very well, but when you follow the 3 greatest films ever made, what the hell can you do? - Curtain falls on Lord of the Rings this weekend

Steve Irwin Coverage on Youtube from australian television

10 minutes of footage taken from australian television.

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Steve Irwin was killed last night by a stingray.

Letterman - I Don't Want a Computer

David Letterman explains why he doesn't have a computer, and no intention to get one.

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Letterman rules!

René Lèvesque

CBC is airing a special on René Lèvesque tonight. It looks pretty good so far and hey, it's about a person with my last name.

Although I do not agree with Quebec separating from Canada there are a few items that he did throughout his political career that are great. (from Wikipedia)

40 Years ago yesterday...

Star Trek had it's 40th anniversary yesterday.

Star Trek is one of my favourite shows of all time. My favourite of course is Next Generation. Picard rules! Kirk is pretty good too.

Star Trek

Busy Day...

Happy Birthday to my aunt Lesley and my cousin Joanne.

11 years ago today Chris' mom, Brenda, passed away.

5 years ago today, well, you know.

Matt Lauer Corners Bush on Torture

If you want to see the beauty of body language at work, watch this interview. First, Bush is all over Matt Lauer -- check out the pointing and the aggressiveness. Then, when it's clear that Lauer's not buying it, he starts saying that he won't talk about what he's already been talking about.

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Back from vacation

I will be updating my blog in the next couple of days. Sorry for not posting for a while.

Chris, Dan and I were in the Southwest United States and enjoying the sites and sounds. I will be posting pictures later this week as well.

Updated Images

I have uploaded some of my new images taken on my southwest trip. This is from the first day of my trip.

Flickr - CarolFil

Conservatives suck

The Federal Conservative government has made spending cuts to youth internship programs, Status of Women Canada, adult literacy programs, legal aid for constitutional challenges and an aboriginal anti-smoking program. Harper you can suck it. So youth, women, adults who can't write, homosexuals (cause you can bet your ass that Harper will remove the ability for homosexuals to get married) and aboriginals better vote in the next election and I hope they don't vote for the conservatives!


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