April 2006

Happy Days are a coming...

Ralph Klein is on the way out. I hope.
He only got a 55 % support from the Alberta Conservatives which is very low, considering he usually got at least a 90%. Oh, the good times are coming.



I drove for the 1st time in over 2 months. Yikes! It was a little scary, but I have a good range of motion for driving now, so it's not too bad. Chris is going to still drive me to work tomorrow but I am going to drive home from work. That will be interesting. More stops and starts then what I drove today.
I bought Roseanne Season 3 last night. I think I may watch a few episodes tonight. That stuff is funny shit.

Boo hoo :(

Madonna is planning on only one Canadian date on her next tour. She's playing in Montreal, not even Toronto! I guess I am going to Montreal this summer. Although it would have to be a weekend if it's before June 21st, cause I can't take any time off until then! canoe.ca

Election in the Fall?

Stephen Harper wants his free vote on same-sex marriage. He says he's not calling it until after this summer. If he tries to do this in the fall, I can see a fall election. Oh what fun. Harper you are a moron. These people have rights. Why should homosexuals not be allowed to marry? Because god says so? I don't think so. Because tight ass christian fundamentalist don't like it. That's what I think. Love thy neighbour. Don't condemn them to hell.


The DNA recovered from Lynn Harper's body is unusable. That sucks. Of everything I have read, I believe that Stephen Truscott is innocent. TheStar.com

What the hell?

Ok, so some guy from Canada wants to amalgamate Canada with the US. Jonathan Wheelwright has made up a website about this stuff. He also has a free speech image at the bottom of his website. I'm for free speech too. Go f*** yourself Mr. Wheelwright. This will happen over my dead body. United North America


Chris and I were in Rochester this weekend. We both took some pictures and they are up on Chris' Flickr account. Go check them out here. Unfortunately when we were in the abandon subway system, Chris sprained his ankle. Pretty severely too.

It's a sad day...

I know there's a pot of gold for me
All I got to do is just believe
I'm so happy doin' the neutron dance
And I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance
I'm so happy doin' the neutron dance
I'm just burning doin' the neutron dance

June Pointer

Freedom of speech is gone.

Mark Tushingham of Environment Canada wrote a fictional novel called Hotter then Hell.

I'll pass

I think I will stick with salmon and staying in the sun. I'd rather burn myself thank you.

Mushrooms sucks!!!!


Food Sources if Vitamin D


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