March 2006

Happy Birthday Gwen!

It's Gwen Elizabeth's birthday today. She's one years old. Damn I'm old. :)

JoJo who?

There is a new movie this weekend called Aquamarine. It stars a young woman that goes by the name JoJo. She's a young actress/singer. I've heard the name a few times in the media or entertainment shows. I almost pooped myself when I saw her last name. It's Levesque!!!!! She's from Massachusetts. I'm guessing she dropped the last name because people cannot pronounce it correctly. Way to go Levesque!!

Germans are dumb

I just read that some Germans (because of one cat that has the bird flu) are getting rid of their cats and putting them in shelters or are asking their vets about putting their cat down. Do yourself a favour if you are going to do this, put yourself down. If you are in a high risk area, keep your cat indoors. Some people are just morons!!!!! It makes me sick!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Tara Bossence. 31 years old today.

Happy Birthday!

Today is Becky McCaffrey's birthday. She is also 31 years old! Lots of March babies!


Crash won best picture. It seemed to be a surprise to a lot of people, but I've heard rumblings for the past few weeks about them winning. The good thing is, is that it was produced, directed, and written by a Canadian - Paul Haggis.


I got the cast taken off today. They put an aircast on. It's a walking cast. I have to take off the cast about once an hour to move the foot around. I've already done that once today.
I can't walk on it yet. Not for at least 2 weeks.

Now I can finally wash my damn ugly foot. It looks like ET's wrinkly old skin.

This sucks!

Dana Reeves died of lung cancer. Washington Post

We are not alone.

Scientists have found water on the Saturn Moon Enceladus. This is one of the greatest finds in my life time. CTV lead with the story last night. Global had it 13 minutes into the program. CTV you are on the ball, Global on the other hand, needs to get their head out of their butt.


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