February 2006

CNN Rocks!

John Roberts (aka J.D. Roberts) has jumped ship from CBS to CNN. I believe the main reason was that he was completely overlooked when Dan Rather stepped down from the evening news. Canoe.ca I know him better as J.D. Roberts when he worked at CityTV back in the late 70's to late 80's.

Huh? Pardon Me?

John Kiel Patterson, a Louisiana resident, is suing Apple because he says the iPod device caused permanent hearing loss. What a dope.
I always blasted my Walkman when I was a kid. I'm paying for it now, but I'm not going to sue Sony. It was my own fault. Take responsibility people!


Re-injured ankle

I believe I re-injured my ankle yesterday. The kitchen floor was wet (and yes I was told that, but do I listen, no) and my crutch came out from under me and I placed my injured foot on the floor. It was very painful. So I am finishing up my drugs.
I'm thinking now that surgery may be a more certain thing now.

Harper is PM :(

Harper is sworn in as Canada's 22nd Prime Minister Here are the key members of his cabinet: Jim Flaherty - finance Bev Oda - heritage Peter MacKay - foreign affairs Chuck Strahl - agriculture Rona Ambrose - environment Jim Prentice - Indian affairs Vic Toews - justice Gordon O’Connor - national defence Loyola Hearn - fisheries David Emerson - international trade Tony Clement - health Maxime Bernier - industry Monte Solberg - citizenship and immigration John Baird - treasury board Rob Nicholson - democratic reform Stockwell Day - public safety Carol Skelton - national revenue Michael Chong

Broken Leg is on it's way to rest

I went to the doctor's yesterday for an x-ray and so far so good. I did not re-injure my leg as I had thought. They took off the cast and straightened my foot and then re-casted it. It now feels much better.

David Emerson and Michael Fortier

Um, what the hell? Harper is going on about cleaning up politics and he takes these 2 guys? Fortier is in his cabinet and he isn't even an elected MP, so he appoints him to the senate? Yet Harper wants to remove the ability to appoint senate members and have them elected instead. What a dope.

this is getting better...

The new Parliamentary secretary to the Francophonie, Alberta MP Ted Menzies, can't speak French.

CBC.ca - Francophonie

Harper does not know how to run a Canadian government.

End of the World

It is the sign of the Apocalypse. Barry Manilow has the #1 album in the U.S.



Gold Medal!

We got our first gold medal on the first day of the Olympics!
Way to go Jennifer Heil!


Gretzky, Cheney and a cartoon

Gretzky should go to Torino in my opinion. I really don't think he did anything wrong. He's wife shouldn't be there though. She has been implicated. The media needs to lay off Wayne and let the games go on. Yahoo News Cheney, what can I say? Shooting quail? What a dope.


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