January 2006

Happy New Year!

Sorry I am a little late, but I had no access to the Internets when we were in Stratford this weekend.

Peace on earth and good will to humans.


This kind of stuff makes me sick. There have been a rash of killings in Afghanistan where teachers are teaching girls. I just don't get humans. I know this has been going on for years, but the thought of this crap still going on today makes me sick. Toronto Star


This is not good. I definitely think this is a problem. A Liberal MP is having an "upcoming fundraiser by film, video game and music executives". This is the same MP (Sarmite Bulte) that tabled Bill C-60 which gives more power to music and film industries seeking protection from Internet piracy. Luckily the bill died when the election was called.

She says:

"Nobody influences me. Nobody can buy me.''

Depression Research

Scientists have found a protein that plays an important part in developing depression. It is called p11. I hope that they do more research on this. They should also check the affects of exercise and sunlight on this protein as well. Believe me those 2 things help me!


Bill C-215

There was a bill that was passed in government that amended the Criminal Code last November that changed consecutive sentence for use of firearm in commission of offence. Interesting to note Stephen Harper was absent. The majority of Liberals said Nay but about 34 said yes, all Conservatives said yes and the NDP said yes. The Bloc said nay. Oh yes Harper, you are so for changing the criminal code to make for harsher penalties. Where the hell were you?

Debate #2

The English debate is on tonight. Please watch it so you will be informed.



English Debate #2 - Follow Up

I watched the debate last night. I thought they all did a good job. In my mind Martin and Layton won, but it seems to be that it is evenly split around the country who won the debate. My favourite quote is from Duceppe - "I think they should realize that if there's poor children, it is certainly because their parents are poor". Wow, thank you Obi-Wan.

People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards were on last night. They weren't very good. No element of surprise and Craig Ferguson was rough. Although I like him and his show, but it didn't translate well last night.



Canadian Culture

Actors were trying to get some money from the politicians on Wednesday in Toronto. Colin Mochrie, Sonja Smits and Wendy Crewson were there speaking their minds.

Colin talked about his experience working in the U.S. and the differences between that and working in Canada.

Quote from CBC article:

I Voted Today!

Chris and I went out and voted today. Today, tomorrow, and Monday are advance poll days.
I'm glad I have gotten that over with.

It's also Friday, the 13th! It's my lucky day!


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