December 2005

Dave & Oprah

Oprah is to appear on the Late Show tonight. I can't wait to see that.

New York Post

Chicago Tribune

Fox News

Things are starting to improve!

Well, Dave and Oprah were great last night and the sun is shining today. Let's see what is in the news...

Harper talks about Martin buying the vote and then he gives us the 5% GST talk. What a laugh. Most economist think he is a doorknob.

Edmonton Sun

The holidays are approaching!

Chris had his work's X-Mas party last night. It was very good food and great music! They played Madonna (and even her new stuff!). A great time was had by all.
We are going over to his brother's today for some more Christmas enjoyment!

I have updated some pictures on my web site. I have added to the Photos section. If you would like to look, click the Photos link on the right hand side.


Well according to all the experts, expect a cold winter. Yuck! I want to go somewhere warm.

16 years ago today...

The Montreal Massacre occurred 16 years ago today. This was the day I decided not to be engineer.

Global Women's Memorial


I am an avid listener of TWiT (This Week in Tech). I seem to be one of the very few women that listen to it. Of course I got into it because of Chris but I really enjoy listening to the technical information in the show. I suggest to find out about the show. You can download it from different resources (iTunes, bitTorrent, etc). Also Leo Laporte is going to be on Regis and Kelly on December 8th. I can't wait to watch that!

Chris' Work Christmas party

Here are some pictures of me and Chris at his work's Christmas party. The second picture is of me and Jeff Frank, Chris' co-worker, and my friend Natasha's brother-in-law.

Chris and Carol Dec 3rd 2005

Carol and Jeff Dec 3rd 2005

Don't I just look lovely. Yikes!

Happy Birthday Uncle Jim!

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Jim. I hope you are having fun in Yorkton, SK!

Take care of yourself and Happy Holidays as well!

Boo freaking hoo...

So the Bush administration is complaining about Martin's comments this past week in Montreal. Cry me a freaking river.

Here is a sample of what Paul Martin said:

Climate change is a global challenge that demands a global response, yet there are nations that resist, voices that attempt to diminish the urgency or dismiss the science, or declare, either in word or in indifference, that this is not our problem to solve. Well, it is our problem to solve...

Richard Pryor

One of the greats has passed away. Richard Pryor was one of the greatest comedians. Damn many comedians have died this year. Johnny Carson and Rodney Dangerfield. This year sucks! RIP Pryor! BLACK!


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