Angus Glen Fall 10 Miler

On Sunday November 6th I raced my last race of the season. I did a 10 miler at the Angus Glen Golf Course in Markham, ON. It was spectacular. Perfect weather (about 7 degrees C) and sunny.  I had originally planned to do a 15k MEC race on October 23rd but plans changed when my husband and I bought a house. Logistically the only date that worked for us was Oct 22nd, which meant no race the next day. I tried to find another 15k or 10miler and found this one. It's not exactly far from our new house so I figured it would be a good one to do. Although it's not exactly far, it meant I had to rent a car because local public transit isn't exactly the greatest and it would have taken a long time to get there.


Picked up the race kit Saturday morning after picking up the rental. Lots of stuff in the race kit from Neutrogena. Most of the stuff I will never use though. Sunday morning I got up early and had a little bit of coffee. That got things moving and all was good. Dave and I drove up to Angus Glen Golf Course and spent the hour inside the Golf Club. Although the weather was nice for running, it was very cold at the start. I had lots of layers on though. Just before the start I got all my layers off and left them in the car. Warmed up for a bit and then got into my wave. There were less than 200 people racing but due to the narrow path they had 3 waves according to the amount of time it would take you to finish. I got into the middle wave, which was 1:20-1:45. I was expecting a time of 1hour 30minutes. Our wave started at about 9:02am. We ran our on the driveway out to Kennedy Rd and then came back in and ran around in the north golf course. That first initial mile or so was nice and flat, but then it gets pretty nasty. Lots of hills but I didn't care. The scenery was quite beautiful and it made the race quite magical.


Flat Carol



I knew I needed a pace of around 9:00min/mi and I was just slightly under that so I knew I was doing well. I didn't want to go to hard at first. I had some energy left in the tank at the half way point so I knew I was going to get it at least 1:30 if not slightly faster. Around the 10k mark there was a very steep hill and I noticed a lot of people fall off at that point. I still was able to keep going. Trying not to slow down. I tried to push it hard on the flat parts (there weren't many) but made sure not to slow down too much going up hill but also not to get winded. I got to the last 500m and there was a lovely hill again and then it got flat. At this point I pushed it hard and passed about 10 people. Then in the last few metres I tried beating this one guy but he certainly didn't want me to beat him so he pushed harder. He beat me, but man, that felt good. A real race.  Some runners aren't into that, I understand they're there for the joy of running but to be honestly I really like that push at the end and I want to have a bit of that fun competition. I thanked the guy for pushing me and he either didn't hear me or just walked off. I was disappointed but oh well, I had fun. I also finished with 1:27:42, way under my goal time.



Photos by Dave Hood



I had to walk around to catch my breath, so I clearly pushed hard at the end. Grabbed food and then Dave and I left. I quite enjoyed this race, very challenging but a small enough race that it kept it enjoyable. I'd definitely will do it again.



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