3rd week of IM Training

The 3rd week of IM training had some ups and downs. It started off on Monday with a swimming session with TTC. I had dinner before the swim and was still hungry after eating that I had some almonds and a banana. Stupid move, I felt so sluggish and moved so slow. I even had the pregnant woman nipping at my feet when doing the drills. I must remember to have just a snack, not a complete dinner that close to the swim. Lesson learned.


After having the bike fit last weekend, my coach has incorporated some hamstring stretches into my schedule. I've asked her for this because if it's in Training Peaks, I'm more likely to do it. So I did these most days this week. I've found some improvement in my legs by the end of the week. I've also had some ankle issues on my run on Tuesday. Although the run went well, it's been a lot colder this week and I find that my lower legs get really tight and can be sore while running. So because of that I'm also doing some ankle exercises. Definitely want to keep injuries away and these exercises will help. I also had a short arm workout on Tuesday that included arm dips. I suck at arm dips. My arms hurt me for a few days after that.  Ugh I'm such a wimp.


On Wednesday I had my other swim of the week with TTC and that one was very bad. Although I wasn't as full and only had a light snack before the swim, I was not sleeping well and I was starting to show my fatigue. Apparently my stroke style kept changing from length to length, so the swim coach had a talk with me. Said I was over thinking it and he wanted me to just go by feel, don't over think it, just get the feel of the water until mid-February. This wasn't good for me mentally. I didn't think I was that bad, but my last couple of swims didn't feel right. I actually feel like I forget every single thing when I get back into the water. It just all goes out of my brain. Is this swim brain? Or just old age? No idea, but I hate it. Hoping I can relax more in my swims this coming week.0


On Thursday I got up early for another morning run. Now it's been cold but that didn't really bother me at all, I wanted to avenge my swim from the last night. I also noticed that I had no issues with the ankles and I wore my newer shoes. Think it's time to take the older shoes out of rotation.  Finally I got my first bike ride on Friday. It was fantastic. No soreness in my quads and my speed was much faster with way less effort. Seat was fine and I felt great.


On Saturday my mother and I went to Coldwater for a monthly spa visit. In the winter time that usually means I have to switch my run and bike around. So I ran on Saturday out on the highway near Coldwater. It was warmer but they had an awful lot more snow then we have in Toronto. It was also raining a bit but again, I didn't care. I was outside running. I am going to just let myself enjoy these runs. After the run I did a 10min core workout, which always makes me grunt and groan. I also need some work on planks. Yuck! But then after washing up I got waxed, pedicured and facialed. It was all good.


We came back on Sunday to Toronto and I went for my 2nd ride of the week on the bike. This was a cycle repeat on the bikes. First kind of interval on the bike and I nailed it. 10 min warm up, 5 * 6min at zone 3. It felt fantastic!


I also got news regarding the gynecologist this week. My appointment was finally scheduled... for April 13th. That's right, it took over 4 weeks to make the appointment and then I have to wait another 3 weeks to see the gyno. Ridiculous! My thought is that if she believes I'm a candidate for surgery, I suspect a myomectomy, this would put me in July-August area, which would mean the Ironman is out. That would blow, but with the delays I've been facing I hope it gets delayed until September and I can live with these fibroids until then. Will have to wait. I also signed up for the North Bay Triathlon. This is important to me because this is where I was born. I also learned to swim near here. It was in 4 mile lake which isn't where we will be swimming, but we go by it on the bike ride. Oh, you want to know how I learned to swim? My father took me out into the lake and got to a point where the water was over my head, then he threw me with his arms into the lake. I was 5. Nice.


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