1st Marathon Complete

I ran my 1st marathon today! Some how I managed to survive. Not sure how yet. I have to give credit to the little girls passing out bananas on Queen st. I think that saved my ass.

Here is the runkeeper map. Unfortunately my GPS went out on me around 25km, so I had to stop & restart Runkeeper as it crashed on me. So the times aren't accurate but the final time & routing are correct.

I also raised $1000 for the Assaulted Women's Helpline in the process. I want to thank all my sponsors for contributing to this great cause. You can still sponsor me here.

I think it will be sometime before I run a marathon again. I want to do some more half marathons before doing a full marathon again.

I just seemed to run out of gas around 25km. That's also when the GPS gave out on me. I think my brain wanted to give up. I had to really push through. Around 32km I started the walk/run method as the hills seemed quite steep for me. Probably wouldn't bother me on a normal run, but after 32km, my body was telling me to stop. I didn't stop however but kept on through with the walk/run method until about 40 km and then I just cruised until the end. Not really fast, but at least some kind of jogging was going on. :)

Only made 1 stop around 38km to use the bathroom. I was starting to feel sick around 35km and figured I should just go (only #1 mind you) and felt much better afterwards, well as much as I can after running 38km at that point.

So I did it! Wish I had better time honestly, but I finished and that was my #1 goal. Next goal, doing the Around the Bay as a relay with a friend and then maybe doing the Mississauga half-marathon. After that... maybe another around at the marathon. :)

FYI: The weather could not have been more perfect a high of 15 degrees Celsius, with some cloud and a little breeze. Perfect!

Update Sept 27, 2010 @ 10:43am:
Start time: 7:37:48
Split times:
10k: 1:06:47
21.1k: 2:24:03
30k: 3:35:01
35k: 4:24:06
40k: 5:17:07
Finish time: 5:37:14
Rank: 949 (Women) 162 (W35-39)

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