1 Week until Ironman 70.3 Muskoka

1 week until the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka race! It’s almost here. It’s been a fantastic summer for training. Weather has been good most days & I haven’t missed any of my workouts due to the weather.

A few times this summer my friends Irina & Zindine allowed me to come up & visit them on weekends. That way the 3 of us could get in some long rides & some runs. This time was so invaluable to me. They are both preparing for the HIM in Muskoka and it good to have that support this summer. I am very thankful to them for being such gracious hosts & picking up my spirit! We also went up to Huntsville back in early July and rode the bike course on our bikes. I’m so glad I did, that eased my fears for sure.

I also did something for the first time this summer. Wear contacts when working out. I usually wear my glasses, but for the swims, that wasn’t an option. My swims were getting longer & I hated being unable to see anything when I was out in my open water swims. It was hard to site & if I could see the buoys it would make for a better swim. I got myself some contacts just before TTF, but I was afraid to use them for that race because I wasn’t even sure if they would be comfortable. Anytime I had an OWS or a long bike ride or brick, I made sure to wear my contacts. I’m so glad I did. They made for a much nice swim, bike & run. I still wear my sunglasses, but if it rains I can take them off & still see!!

Back in early August I got food poisoning (thankfully only lost 1 workout) & I later on in August I had to take 2 rest days due to a possible hamstring issue. I had some pain back behind my right knee after 1 of my runs, it healed up nicely & hasn’t bothered me since, phew! It’s been a memorable summer! My coach, Rebecca, has been amazing & has accomodated me many times on my workouts. She's amazing & I couldn't do this without her.

Going into taper & I’m a little anxious now. Not necessarily of the swimming, biking or running, but the whole logistics of it all. Making sure I get there on time, the athlete check-in, the bike drop off, getting there on time the morning of (I’m sure I will have nightmares). I know, I need to relax, but I’m a worrier. I got my workouts in (for the most part) and I’m ready! Muskoka, I will conquer you!

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