1 Month of Ironman Training

Can't believe I've been doing this IM training for a month. So far so good, but this week was a little difficult. I got my period this week and because of the fibroids it's a lot heavier then it has been. I had been on birth control (on and off) for 23 years so I'm not used to this heavy bleeding thing. I started my period on Thursday and by Saturday afternoon I just felt exhausted. Then it occured to me that I hadn't been taken my iron supplements so I started that back up again. Need to be more consistent on that. Hopefully that will help.


As for my training this week, I had a few hiccups, but mostly it was good. On Monday I had a core and hip workout that I went to do at lunch, but forgot my running shoes so had to do my workout quickly after work before going to swim class. No sweat! 20min and I was done. My swim was actually good. Tried not to concentrate so hard and just had a relaxing but tough swim. I don't want to over think the swim and I had been doing that lately.


Tuesday's run wasn't an outdoor run. It was just too cold for me to be running outside and I figured I could take an extra hour of sleeping. Since the run was 1 hour I didn't have time to do this at lunch, so I went after work to the running track at my gym as I wanted to avoid the treadmill. This was my worst run of the year. I stopped every 15min and went to the bathroom. I had drank too much water leading up to the run and I was having gas/chest pains. It was exactly like it was in some of my races. I don't know if it was something I ate or if it's just because I ate too close to the run, I ate 1 of my energy bars, but it was bad. I pushed through though and finished it, but it was my slowest run so far this year. Hated it. I hope I never have one of those runs ever again.


On Wednesday I remembered my proper shoes for the gym and was able to get my core/glutes workout done at lunch. Then I had another swim with the Toronto Triathlon Club that evening. This swim was some scull drills, so very slow, but no race pace swimming so kind of relaxing. I enjoyed it a little. Swimming fast can be fun, but when it's constant I find it difficult and frustrating. I find it hard to breathe if I have to keep going at constant race pace and then I tend to panic. Not good. So there was none of that, except when I do the sculling I tend to drink of lot of the pool water. So that was unpleasant.


Thursday I dragged my sorry ass out of bed early so I could get the run done. I didn't want to have to do it after work because I wanted to avoid the situation I had on Tuesday. It was a good run but my legs had felt like lead ballons. Don't know where that came from, but I suspect I may have been kicking harder on my swim Wednesday due to the sculling. I found it made me go faster and I need work on my kick so that's probably what did it. I also got an email from the person who did my bike fit. Scott Judges of Fitt 1st sent me his report from the bike fit the previous week. It was quite detailed, all my measurements and he also gave me several stretching exercise videos for me to incorporate into my workout. I sent those along to my coach and she has added them as part of my workout. She knows me, I won't do these things unless it's in Training Peaks!


On Friday I took the day off of work, I had some time in my schedule so I figured I could use the time off to get some house work done. I had an hour bike ride and another workout to do, so I slept in, got some housework done and then did a strength training workout and then hopped on the bike. Another nice ride.


For Saturday's run I decided to take the TTC down to the Lake Shore here in Toronto. It had snowed on Thursday, an inch or 2, not a lot, but enough that it would have made my run difficult in the city. I got down there and was so thankful, the Martin Goodman trail had been cleared and it was dry as a bone. It was cold, but not a lot of wind so the run was beautiful and I got to run in my most favourite place to run. Don't get down there as much as I like, especially this time of year. Getting back wasn't too difficult but I knew it could be an issue since I would be cooling down from the sweat and like I said, it was cold outside. Thankfully it didn't take very long to get back to my boyfriend's and I made sure to have a nice hot shower as quickly as possible.


Sunday I got back home in the late morning and got my ride done in the early afternoon. A nice 1hr 15min ride and after that I spent about an hour doing the stretching videos that the bike fit guy gave me. Those really seem to help, my body is nice and relaxed. As I reflect on this past week I need to pay more attention to my nutrition. There's no way I should have to deal with the GI issues I had on Tuesday. I should have known better not to drink so much water so close to my run. I also got a reminder that I need to have iron supplements during my period. Probably actually more then that, but it is especially important at that time.

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